PPC Campaigns

Get an individual audit and an assessment of the opportunities for promoting your business through paid services Google/Bing / Yandex / Facebook / Instagram, or other platforms, find out specific strategies and talk with an expert on how we can increase your income or the number of potential customers (often also when reducing advertising costs).

Why should you choose us among many other companies?

Every day, we are working hard to make our customers' lives better and happier.
No long-term contracts
Only we have a monthly payment, so you can suspend our work and wait a while to see the result, and later return to us again.
We learn from the best and can teach ourselves
Our knowledge is constantly being improved, and you can be sure that we conducted SEO according to the latest updates and news from the world of Digital.
Integration for your model
We integrate advertising with social networks, CRO, SEO, SEM, content marketing and PR.
Premium Service Level
Honest, hardworking, dedicated to customer success, experts in their field

Maximize ROI
Proven processes, best strategies, innovative solutions. We are focused on the maximum return on investment for our customers.
All types of advertising campaigns
Each of our PPC managers is certified by Google Adwords. In addition, each PPC manager has extensive experience in mathematics and analytics. Growth Hackers works with PPC to increase ad impressions, generate conversions, or even brand a company.

Stages of a Successful PPC Campaign

Мы прилагаем все усилия, чтобы идти впереди, используя честные методы, которые обеспечивают веб-сайт трафиком, который приводит к конверсиям и высокой рентабельности инвестиций.
Setting goals and strategies
Everything we do at Growth Hackers is about increasing our return on investment (ROI) for our customers. During our first step, we will determine the goals, consider the history and data obtained, draw up a clear plan and strategy. By analyzing CPC, conversion rate, conversion cost and revenue, we can guarantee that our services will bring the necessary value. We always work on optimization, even when conversions bring the necessary income - we continue to optimize, which leads to even greater success.
Implementation of analytics systems
Everyone at Growth Hackers is certified by Google AdWords and Google Analytics. We have the ability to implement basic and advanced tracking options for all customers. In addition, we certainly use other systems that help us see the full picture of the site, understand the weaknesses, improve the sales funnel, UX design and general problems on the site.
Keyword and Targeting
Without the right keywords and targeting, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Often, when we open the accounts of our customers, we can increase the profitability of the business by simply deleting bad ads and keywords. At this stage, we either improve the account or create a new one from scratch. Our methodology and process are second to none; we maximize revenue from each keyword.
Development of advertisements and announcements
You are your ads and advertisements, the better they are, the better your potential customer will think about you, therefore Growth Hackers has a team of experts with many years of experience creating ads. With experience, data analysis and testing capabilities, we guarantee that your ads will be the best in their class.
Landing Page Optimization
Growth Hackers uses a unique and proven CRO methodology to get the best conversion rates for your landing pages. At this stage, we will conduct a full analysis of your target audience, A / B testing, check and optimize every step that a potential client goes through on your site.
Bidding Strategy, Control, Reporting and Regulation
The right bidding strategy is crucial. Advanced software combined with our knowledge ensures maximum advertising efficiency. Once we get started, Growth Hackers will monitor, inform and improve our advertising strategy daily.

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