Removing a Google panalty

We work with large and small websites, successfully remove Google blocking, after which the sites of our clients are again displayed in search engines.

Penalty on Google?

When a website violates Google's quality guidelines, it runs the risk of being banned by Google. When this happens, Google may ban you for a single keyword, parts of your site's content, or they may even remove your entire site from the search results. The Google ban level should be evaluated by a search engine optimization expert.

How to check google penalty?

Although Google does not warn all webmasters about bans, they sometimes send a notification through Webmaster Tools. Often this notification alerts webmasters that Google believes that they are involved in a link exchange scheme or have detected malware on a website. The only way to find out the size of a ban on Google is to check the site with a search engine optimization specialist.

Can I restore a site from Google Ban?

Growth Hackers has helped many websites cope with Google's ban. The process involves considering all possible penalty factors, including both local and external capabilities, and then creating a cleaning strategy.

After that, Growth Hackers will send a series of requests for re-inclusion, until it is fully included in Google. The recovery time after a fine at Google varies, but most fines are removed after 2-6 months. It depends on the situation on individual sites.
Removing a ban on Google
There is no one more experienced in banning on Google than Growth Hackers. Contact Growth Hackers today to learn more about our fast and effective penalty removal program.

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