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A full range of services was provided for GoodCleaners.UK, ranging from choosing a company name and domain name to the implementation of analytics and conversion tracking systems. Work on the project was divided into a number of stages and more than 30 steps, the necessary time was allocated for each stage and deadlines were set. The turnkey project took a little more than 2 weeks.

Introductory work

After choosing a name and buying a domain name, as well as discussing the services and goals of the company, work began on the opening CEO. It was necessary to determine which phrases are most often used for search. The company provides 4 different cleaning services (room cleaning, carpet cleaning, fabric cleaning and chit stoves). Nevertheless, it was decided to create 12 pages to cover as many of the main queries for the CEO as possible. Thus, the pages "Cleaning services after repair", "Cleaning services after moving", "General cleaning services", etc. were created.После выбора имени и покупки доменного имени, а также обсуждения услуг и целей компании начались работы по вступительному СЕО. Необходимо было определить какие фразы чаще всего используют для поиска. Компании предоставляет 4 различные услуги по уборке (уборка помещений, чистка ковров, чистка ткани и читска печей). Тем не менее было решено создать 12 страниц чтобы охватить как можно больше основных запросов для СЕО. Таким образом были созданы страницы "Услуги по уборке после ремонта", "Услуги по уборке после переезда", "Услуги по генеральной уборке" и др.

Main page

Getting to the main page, the user immediately understands where and what services the company provides. Also, the client's desire was to indicate the price per hour of cleaning, as well as information that the company, and therefore its customers, are insured against property damage.

Scrolling down below, the user will find out all the services provided by the company, the advantages of the company, cleaning details, he can familiarize himself with successful work, read the Frequently Asked Questions, and familiarize himself with the simple stages of cooperation and user comments.
Feedback widgets, clickable phone numbers, feedback forms were added so that contact with the company would not be difficult for the user.

The results from CEO came a week later.Результаты от СЕО появились уже через неделю.

Only after 7 days, the results of the CEO could be observed in the search results. A position on page 5 for such a short period, in a city with a population of 1 million inhabitants, and hundreds of companies with similar services, being in the top 50 is undoubtedly an excellent result.
You can check your current position with the following Liverpool domestic cleaning service keyword.

Tracking system implementation

Analytics systems were added, goals for conversion tracking were set up. Thanks to these systems, it was possible to optimize the site, make a UX-design, the feedback form was simplified, and reviews were added to the top of the page.

Final result

As a result, the client received from us a beautiful, interesting and user-friendly website that compares favorably with the boring competitor sites.

In addition, the site was optimized for search engines (SEO), added analytics and conversion tracking systems. Among other things, the site, of course, sells and will provide a return on investment for the client in a short time.
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